Hillary’s “Nasty Women”

I keep seeing t-shirts for the Nasty Women’s brand and it gave me an idea for a podcast, book, or micro-blog really. However, I still have a ‘thesis’ to finish. I sort of feel like Rachel Carson did she had these huge dreams, but found herself bringing together her two loves to survive. I also had this interview for a marketing jobs today, which is fine I’ll go door to door selling people At&t because it is difficult at the moment to get into public urban schools because everyone is so focused on charter schools.

Frankly, I want to work with kids that no one else wants to because I was them 15 years ago. I hope my professors and the administration of the university realize that I did not disclose my ‘learning disabilities’ because I did not want to be judged or labeled. I also know that I’m using too many adjectives and adverbs. I grew up broke and without being in some circle its impossible to get ahead. I went to a meeting yesterday and wondered why I was there when I’m about to move to Miami and live out of my car just to teach because my boyfriend cannot move until we sell the house and he is the only one with a solid income. That is the world we live in folks. Quite tragic. Try to do something positive even when you have next to nothing and the person you help will always remember your kindness. I also contacted a Navy recruiter I would have to drop 27 pound and take the officer test. Guess you got to do whatever you’ve got to do to survive.


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