I did not get paid this week. The program I was in is gone. I cannot transfer and they have not ‘updated’ the University website since 2010. I started at the hell hole in 2012. So basically all of my degrees don’t exist? It’s bullshit. I just read an article about environmental artwork. REALLY?!!? So we are going to put trees in a museum? I’ve got an idea lets put the swamp in a piece of jewelry so people can wear it because they are going to be eating the air and drinking muddy water with chemicals, but hey let’s keep our “beaches sexy!” Eat a fucking sandwich and stop pushing around smart people. The middle class does not exist anymore. You have money or don’t. So let’s change everything because people voted for a FASCIST! Smart people are going to be hunted by morons and starved out. I’m so sick of calling myself an ‘American’ citizen. I’m ashamed of the stuff that I read and cannot believe this is reality! A few months ago I pulled out all the books I’d ever read about Nazi Germany and this is indeed where we are. I have to get legal counsel just to get out of that fucking University and now they aren’t paying me work. This is a collapse, but we can pretend otherwise.

This is a joke. Worse yet the idiots that work for that place cannot answer any questions with certainity. I emailed the ACLU when this crap started. My identity was stolen and someone decided to create fake accounts in my name. Why? I do not have the money to fix this shit storm. I cannot even possibly think in a scholarly manner because I am so angry. That place is the BIGGEST JOKE. You cannot take a Bachelors degree that was conferred away. Furthermore, you cannot suspend a student just to change a program in the middle of their work. I paid the University for a service and did not receive anything from it. Why is that? Oh and there is no program director so what should I do just walk. Nope. I spoke to someone about legal counsel because this is bull. The reason Florida gets away with what it does is because they ‘threw’ out tons of city records, but they didn’t throw them away. If someone would like to fund a project to stop political corruption I would be happy to be a consultant. I’m sure that countless city documents are destroyed throughout the US just to keep people suppressed. Justice belongs in the hands of the people, not in the hands of thieves. Donald Trump has killed the EPA and it’s DISGUSTING. Someone impeach him before he becomes Hitler. It’s pretty bad when I talk to friends in the armed forces and law enforcement and they are worried about whose hands their lives are in. I think that Donald should have to serve on the front lines and interact with the people he supposedly was going to put back to work.  EDUCATE YOURSELF BECAUSE THIS FUCKER IS AN AUTHORIARN LEADER MARRIED TO A COMMUNIST…… COME ON! HOW STUPID CAN WE POSSIBLY BE? It’s so Un-American very McCarthy is spinning in his grave! I’m sure the John’s Committee (The creators of the Lavender Scare in Florida) would actually lose it over this. The persecuted African Americans and Homosexuals as Communists and the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA VOTING FOR AN FASCIST WHO IS MARRIED TO A COMMUNIST….. It really cannot possibly be any worse! Perhaps we should be teaching the crap they taught in the 1950s how to identify a communist and a fascist because GUESS WHAT WE HAVE BOTH IN OFFICE AND THEY TRAVEL HERE OFTEN. I LOVE DEMOCRACY AND THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!

What makes me so pissy is that I was perfectly fine with writing about Kathryn Abbey Hanna. Technology sucks and obviously making people stupid. I just want to hit someone with a BOOK! This is not the first or last time I’ve said that statement. I’ve stopped giving a shit frankly because UNF is obviously not a real UNIVERSITY. I want a refund for my B.A. and all the coursework for my M.A.



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